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The Islamic Community Center of Des Plaines was established in 1989 for Muslim worshipers living around Des Plaines. It is a blessing of Allah (SWT) that we were able to build a newer bigger mosque that can serve all the Muslims..

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The Islamic Community Center of Des Plaines school
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    ICCD Sponsored Graveyard
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    Eid - ul - Adha Prayer 2014
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    Eid ul-Fitr Prayer
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    Eid Bazzar

The Meanings of Islam
Who is the Creator?
Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)
Miracles of Qur'an
Prophets in Islam
Science and Muslims

Azan: Dhuhur Time
1st Prayer: Khutbah 1:05pm Jama'at 1:30pm
2nd Prayer: Khutbah 2:20pm Jama'at 2:40pm
4/2015 Prayers Timetable

     Asr Juristic Method: Hanafi
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